Newest Lightworker Articles "The Team"


These articles are for those individual's who know or think they may be "LightWorkers": individuals that will further their study of spirits having a human experience, of the healing arts,  and may eventually heal dis-ease with methods very different than allopathic medicine as it is practiced today.  The articles are given to help you remember who you are and describe what you are doing on the planet earth at this time, in this life. These articles are here to help you remember  your divinity and to share it with the collective in an effort to raise the consciousness of humanity and the planet.   Inspiring....  

Life Sustaining Energy  /storage/app/media/Life Sustaining Energy.pdf

Own This Realization /storage/app/media/Own This Realization.pdf

Wonderous Gift     /storage/app/media/Wonderous Task.pdf

Anchor Upliftment     /storage/app/media/Anchor Upliftment.pdf

Echoes of the New Paradigm  /storage/app/media/Echoes of the New Paradigm.pdf

Weaving Your Reality /storage/app/media/Weaving Your Reality.pdf

 You are Being Recalibrated /storage/app/media/You are Being Recalibrated(1).pdf

The Dimensions are Levels of Consciousness /storage/app/media/Dimensions are Levels of Consciousness.pdf

Support the Planets Ascension  /storage/app/media/Support the Planets Ascension.pdf

Member of the Ascension Team   /storage/app/media/Member of the Acension Team.pdf

Spiral of Evolution    /storage/app/media/Spiral of Evolution.pdf

Imagine Yourself a SuperHero /storage/app/media/Imagine Yourself as a Super Hero.pdf

Quantum Consciousness  /storage/app/media/Quantum Consciousness.pdf

Amazing Network of Light    /storage/app/media/Amazing Network of Light.pdf

Revolution of Consciousness   /storage/app/media/Revolution of Consciousness.pdf

Nourish and Streghten Your Lightbody /storage/app/media/Nourish and Strenghten Your Light Body.pdf

Field of Coherent Light /storage/app/media/Field of Coherent Light(1).pdf

Hosting Your Divine Conscious Self     /storage/app/media/Hosting Your Divine Conscious Self.pdf

Your Personal Stargate. storage/app/media/Your Personal Stargate.pdf
What Is Love..    storage/app/media/What Is Love.pdf
Influence The Entire Holographic Field    storage/app/media/Influence The Entire Holographic Field.pdf
You Are Pure Consciousness  storage/app/media/You Are Pure Consciousness.pdf
Every Moment Is Ripe With Potential    storage/app/media/Every Moment is Ripe With Potential.pdf
You Are Entangled With All      storage/app/media/You Are Entangeled With All.pdf
The Matrix of this Dimension       storage/app/media/Matrix of This Dimension.pdf
Outside Your Dimensional Box      storage/app/media/Outside Your Demensional Box.pdf
Your Starseed Presence     storage/app/media/Your Starseed Presence.pdf
Projection of Your Consciousness    storage/app/media/Projection of Your Consciousness.pdf
Seed All Celestial Energies       storage/app/media/Seed All Celestial Energies.pdf
Seeding The Quantum Field  storage/app/media/Seeding the Quantum Field.pdf
Field Of Coherent Light  storage/app/media/Field of Coherent Light.pdf
Pandemic Outbreak of Fear and Hatred     storage/app/media/Pandemic Outbreak of Fear and Hatred.pdf Connected To All      storage/app/media/Connected To All.pdf
You Effect the Quantum Field    storage/app/media/You Effect the Quantum Field.pdf
Metamorphic Transformation   storage/app/media/Metamorphic Transformation.pdf
Bridge of Consciousness     storage/app/media/Bridge of Consciousness.pdf  




New Seeds Of Reality      storage/app/media/New Seeds of Reality.pdf
Label it a Miracle         storage/app/media/Lable It a Miracle.pdf
Galactic Heritage        storage/app/media/Galactic Heritage.pdf
Upside down and backwards     storage/app/media/Upside Down and Backwards.pdf
Imagination to Clear Emotion      storage/app/media/Imagination to Clear Emotions.pdf
The Power of Portals         storage/app/media/The Power of Portals.pdf
Solar energy Packets      storage/app/media/Solar Energy Packets.pdf
Fear Is The Frequency         storage/app/media/Fear is a Frequency.pdf
Global Consciousness and Beyond    storage/app/media/Global Consciousness and Beyond(1).pdf Feminine Lineage      storage/app/media/Feminine Lineage.pdf  
Host Of Light   storage/app/media/Host of Light.pdf
This is Who You Are     storage/app/media/This is Who You Are.pdf
Recommit, Revitalize, Remember   storage/app/media/Recommit, Revitalize, Remember.pdf
New Cosmic Cycle    storage/app/media/New Cosmic Cycle.pdf
Transmutt Collective Emotions    storage/app/media/Transmute Collective Emotions.pdf
Future Self  storage/app/media/Future Self.pdf
You Are The Bridge   storage/app/media/You Are The Bridge.pdf

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