Healing Music & Meditative Videos


Sound is an incredible tool for healing.  Color, light , and sound energy are vehicles that move energy through  the body.  If you are interested and wish to experiment, I have chosen some pieces from the internet that I am experimenting with that may interest you.  

 Guru Explains the Chakras

Mindfullness during Corona Virus   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4F82FrudrY&t=10s

Music to Heal the Root Chakra and experience Divine Love    www.youtube.com/watch

The Satiama Meditations: Love     www.youtube.com/watch

This music  is rather beautiful and has healing vibrations imbedded within it.  I use it during my reiki sessions and during meditations.  I find that it has a profound effect on me and my clients.  Download it for free at the web site given below.. .


Raising Consciousness   www.youtube.com/watch

Activation of solar light bodies    www.youtube.com/watch

Downloading the Programs for our new solar  planetary cause of Divine Love      

Integrating the I AM Presence      www.youtube.com/watch

Eight Hours of Meditative music       www.youtube.com/watch

Light Body Activation - Chakra Clearing           www.youtube.com/watch

Crystalline Sun DNA Templates Activation        www.youtube.com/watch

Spectacular  Mandalas Understanding The Infinity Breath  AAM    www.youtube.com/watch

Infinity Breath Meditation   www.youtube.com/watch

Vital Energy Meditation   www.youtube.com/watch

Meditation Deep Relaxation with 4.9 Binuaral Brainwave    www.youtube.com/watch

Open your Third Eye Meditation -   www.youtube.com/watch

GUIDED MEDITATION Remove Negative Blocks Automatically        www.youtube.com/watch

Pranava - Deep Chant and Yantra Meditation - Natural Aum / Om  -   www.youtube.com/watch

Violet Flame Invocation -  www.youtube.com/watch

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