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I  read a lot of literature both in spiritual writings, as well as, in the field of energy medicine.  Many times I come across a perspective on life events that opens my eyes to new possibilities, or a different way of looking at an event that seems filled with meaningful messages.  It is important, if you choose to read these articles, that you understand that spiritual liturature is not religious liturature.  An open mind is helpful, and an open heart may just find answer that it was searching for.  I will be posting different articles periodically as I come across them. I will include the web link where they were found in the event that you would like to read more. 

Article 1     Illness and Health        
/storage/app/media/Ilness and Health.pdf     
Article 2     Relationship to Life     
/storage/app/media/Relationship to Life.pdf

Article 3     Relationships in the New Era (2012)     /storage/app/media/Relationships in the New Era.pdf

Article 4     Surrender and Control     /storage/app/media/Surrender and Control.pdf

Article 5     Spirtual Motherhood  - beautiful article     /storage/app/media/Spiritual Motherhood.pdf

Article 6     The Highest You Can Give        /storage/app/media/The Highest You Can Give.pdf

Article 7      Healing The Wounded Heart     /storage/app/media/Heal the Wounded Heart.pdf     
Article 8     Love Relationships        
/storage/app/media/Love Relationships.pdf

Article 9   Learning to Understand Illness         /storage/app/media/Learning to Understand Illness.pdf

Spiritual Sites for further exploration:

www.MorningMessages.com         Spiritual  Medium         Peggy Black
www.ronnastar.com                   Spiritual Medium         Ronna Herman
www.jeshua.net      Spiritual Medium         Pamela Kribbe

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