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The Institute of HeartMath Research Center is a recognized global leader in emotional physiology, optimal function, resilience and stress-management research. The center conducts basic research into psychophysiology, neurocardiology and biophysics, and outcome studies in clinical, workplace, educational and military settings, frequently in collaboration with universities, research centers and health-care-system partners. This research has significantly advanced understanding of heart brain interactions, heart-rate variability (HRV) and heart-rhythm coherence, and the physiology of optimal learning and performance.

The Instutute of Heart Math is an amazing research facility conducting experiments on the cutting edge study concerning  the science of the heart.  Their research confirms that the heart has a brain of it's own, supported by it's own neurology and neurotransmitters.  The new science of the heart called neurocardiology supports that we are connected by the electromagnetic field produced by the heart.   While the researchers may not be aware of the spiritual ties their research has to information brought forth in the the book called "Love Without End, Jesus Speaks" by the medium Glenda Green, the connection between science and spirit is exciting and profound. If anyone is interested in reading the material brought forth by Glenda, chapter seven, The Heart is your Higher Intellegence, is agreat place to start.

I have included  facinating research from their site, as well as the link to their website.  Below there is also a distress kit which is one of the many free resources that will be available to you at  the website. For a very modest donation you can become a member of their community which gives you access to their research, webinars, and tools to modify your emotional state and health. This facility is the best value on the internet for anyone looking to improve their health and emotional wellbeing.       Click on free services, sign up, and enjoy many wonderful webinars and tools

The Hearts Intuitive Intelligence                    

Emotions Effect the Heart

Science of the Heart PDF    userfiles/312301/file/science-of-the-heart.pdf

Distress Kit      userfiles/312301/file/destress-kit.pdf

Understanding Care     userfiles/312301/file/understanding-care.pdf


Inner Ease Technique

Wonderful Resource Page

Coherence Course

Effects on DNA   The Gene-ius Within: Unlocking the Beneficial Effects of Heart-Focused Intention on Gene Expression - YouTube

EM-Wave Technology for emotional regulation -  this product is a great value for the money .  It is a bio-feedback system that measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which is an indicator of the health of your autonomic nervous system.  This device makes it possible for you to train your nervous system to achieve higher levels of emotional coherence and stability

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