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I have recently come accross this 4 hour video and I can tell you that the author and scientist Gregg Braden explains, in the language of science, every spiritual concept that I have read over the past ten years . We are very powerful masters and science is beginning to explain the tools of this power in practical concepts we can all understand and apply. This is a must see video. Many of the concepts I wrote about several years ago are expressed below and in tis video.

Gregg Braden - Something Big is About to Happen 

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This man, a neuroscientist, was able to heal himself after being hit by a drunk driver and having his back so severely injured that doctors told him he would never walk again without surgery. He rejected this thought and healed himself. Now he teaches workshops all over the world on how to create from out thoughts including our own healing. His work is now studies by doctors, researchers, and scientists. What a find...

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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This presentation I gave on Science, Medicine & Spirituality begins to demonstrate the connection between our thoughts, the emotions we generate through them, and the effect that this has on health. Researchers of every age and branch of science are beginning to conclude that we participate more than we currently believe in creating our own health, or lack thereof. What follows is an overview of some of their research.

“All matter is energy”
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

“Treating Humans without concept of energy is treating dead matter”
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D. Hungary, Nobel
Prize Laureate (1893- 1986)

“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy fields.” Prof. William Tiller, Ph.D. (Stanford University)

“Diseases are to be diagnosed and prevented via energy field assessment.”
George Crile Sr., M.D., Founder of theCleveland Clinic (1864- 1943)

“ Body chemistry is governed by quantum cellular Fields.”
Prof. Murry Gell-Mann, Nobel Prize Laureate, USA

“ All living organisms emit field.”
Semyon D. Kirlian, U.S.S.R. (1900-1980)

Norman Sheally MD PHD writes,

“The entire notion that our destiny is written into the code of our DNA is crumbling. The new discipline of epigenetics looks at the influences on DNA from outside the cell”.

* It is beginning to show that the biochemical environment in which the cell exists has a profound effect upon which genes are activated.

* More importantly it is beginning to show that the energy environment in which the cell is bathed has an even more rapid effect than the chemical one on gene function”.

Quantum physicist Ervin Lazlo writes in the emerging concept of the new sciences, there is no separation between the physical world, the living world, and the world of mind and consciousness.

Physical matter is vanishing as a fundamental feature of reality, retreating before energy. In this emerging concept there is no absolute matter, only matter-generating energy field.

Physicist, Rubert Sheldrake proposes that informational fields or Morphogenetic Fields give expression and form to physical matter, that our DNA is only part of a larger equation at work.

Sheldrake goes on to state that our genetic material, seen as those discrete observable particles of information, do not contain the complexity of information needed to create a human organism.

He proposes that informational fields, unseen like magnetic fields, but far more subtle to detect, exist as an organizing structure that will determine how DNA expresses physically.

His research is demonstrating that these informational fields are influenced and created by consciousness, and that there are local or individual effects, as well as, group or species effects.

Summarizing his research, Robert Coleman states that the most difficult concept to accept is that information, created by and retrievable by physical systems, our brain, can be transferred and stored in non-physical form.

That consciousness, might exist as an informational or morphogenetic field around us explaining why the location of a memory center in the brain can not be found. (Aura)

Cole further states,”that morphogenetic fields, as the carrier of memory , implies no separation between individual minds; that we are thus both individuals and the creators of a group consciousness”.

What is being demonstrated today in quantum physics is not a new thought, although sophistication in experimental design and research has given these older concepts new standing in science and is slowly trickling down into how the medical community views and treats disease.

New brain research, for example, has demonstrated that the placebo effect is not purely a psychological phenomenon as previously thought.

In fact it has shown just the opposite; that a patient’s beliefs stimulate the brain to manufacture a wide variety of bio-chemicals that impact the health of the body.

Albert Einstein postulated that everything seen boils down to energy; That the atom was not the smallest unit comprising physical matter. He further stated that at the subatomic level there is no substance, only energy frequency.

This theory is widely accepted today in the scientific community and is consistent with other researchers in the emerging field of “energy medicine” who have postulated that you cannot have a disease that originates from substance, because at the deepest level there is no substance.

Psychologist, Roger Callahan PhD has repeatedly demonstrated through the use of Heart Rate Variability monitoring that anger, fear, anxiety and frustration are associated with a high degree of dysfunctional HRV. Emotional states such as love, peace, compassion and tranquility are associated with more stable and healthier HRV rythyms. In fact, he has demonstrated that all substances have an energetic value. The effects of many toxins to the body, as evidenced by dysfunctional HRV, can be corrected by bringing the energetic field of the person and the energetic field of a substance into a state of balance. This is accomplished by tapping on the appropriate acupuncture points that appear to be effected by the substance upon exposure, and is confirmed by subjective experience and a concomitant balancing of the Heart Rate Variability scores. (Thought Field Therapy)

Exploratory studies conducted at the Heartmath Center, experimenting with intention as an energy source, demonstrated that when subjects thought about the worst event in their life, negative changes occurred in the observation of DNA cells that were taken from them. Subsequent thoughts about the best events that occurred in their life healed the damage.

This research supported other work being done throughout the sciences that suggest that DNA is not static. In fact there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that your thoughts and beliefs can bring destruction or healing to your cells.

Further research at the Institute of Heartmath was conducted by Dr. Rollin McCraty. He took DNA samples drawn from human placental tissue, and measured changes in the protein’s structure when exposed to the intentions of individuals. Groups of individuals were asked to hold the intention that the helixes of the DNA in the samples would twist tighter. Others where asks to hold the intention that the helixes in the DNA would hold looser. Untrained volunteers were unable to have any effect on the degree of twist in the DNA molecules.

However, those who where taught to enter into a calm, meditative state, called a state of Heart Coherence , and hold the intention , were able to effect the structure of the DNA samples as intended. Some volunteers, in fact, were able to increase the twist by 25% which was considered impossible to the scientific community.

Impressively, when the subjects entered into the appropriate mental and emotional state they where able to effect a change in DNA structure at a distance of fifty miles.
Stephen Daniels PH.D. works with healing patients with chronic illnesses through accu-tapping energy work and therapy. He states that if you change the picture or perception of life events, and alter the meaning of them positively, the frequency of energy of the cells in the body change and begin to restore health. He argues that the body and mind have the capacity to heal almost anything at any time and we’ve know it for years. In spite of the fact that he presented the State Board of Psychological examiners with treatment results for 415 clients, 98% success rate with 6 month follow up, his work was still called faith healing and dismissed. Dr. Daniels surrendered his license to continue his healing work

Bessell Vanderkoff, a psychiatric neurologist, has conducted research that demonstrated that emotional trauma creates chemical changes in the brain which are reflected proportionately in every cell of the body; That emotional trauma effects the body at a cellular level right down to the cells taken from your toe. Bessell has devoted much of his research to understanding the healing effects of another energy/biological treatment called EMDR.

Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, conducted experiments demonstrating that the activities of the mind effect bodily function, and that changes in our thinking and beliefs can have a direct effect on our cells.
Like Dr. Daniels who stated that the cells must enter into a growth/love mode, rather than a fear/protect mode, through the altering of perceptions or “ heart pictures ” in order to promote healing, Lipton stated that, “When someone has a sudden shift in belief it can radically change epigenetics, or the energetic environment that the cell is bathes in, which means the same genetic code will now be interpreted completely different — this could be the difference between cancer and remission.” He argued that the cells in your body are controlled by the brain’s perceptions or beliefs---Your beliefs about the environment. Simply put our beliefs have an impact on the expression of our DNA as thought energy.

(Biology of Beliefs)

All spiritual literature from the beginnings of recorded history, to the teachings of today, throughout all the major religions of the world, have stated that “thought is creative” in one way or another.
The truth of this ancient wisdom is being born out today in research conducted within the medical profession.

Of particular concern are the health hazards directly associated with the chronic negative expression or repression of the emotion of anger.

Negative Intention - The Characteristics of Chronic Anger

*Negative rumination about past anger experiences
*Condemnation of others
*Holding of grudges
*Revenge based thoughts and behaviors
*Harboring negative emotions like resentment, hostility, jealousy

Excerpts from “Conversations with God”

Worry- next to hate, which is deeply self destructive, creates bio-chemical reactions which harm the body, producing everything from indigestion to coronary arrest, and a multitude of things in between. Health will improve almost at once when worrying ends.

Worry is the activity of the mind which does not understand its connection to Me.
Hatred is the most severely damaging mental condition. It poisons the body, and its effects are virtually irreversible.

Worry, hate, fear ...... together with their offshoots: anxiety, bitterness, impatience, avarice, unkindness, judgmentalness, and condemnation.....

All attack the body at the cellular level.

It is impossible to have a healthy body under these conditions.....
Similarly.... although to a somewhat lesser degree.....conceit, self-indulgence, and greed lead to physical illness, or the lack of well-being.

“All illness is created first in the mind’”

Book 1 pg.188

An angry man is full of poison .

Anger, along with anxiety, is “hazardous to health” (Suinn, 2001 American Psychologist).
Since anger is directly related to arousal of the autonomic nervous system and to the function of the immune system, it is likely to increase overall vulnerability to illness .

Waldstien (1990) found that high trait anger (personality) and anger-out (inappropriate expression of) were related to high cholesterol levels. Trait anger was significantly related to LDL-HDL ratio.

Williams(2000) examined trait anger in individuals who where free of heart disease at the beginning of the study. A sample of 12,986 middle-aged men and women were included in the study and followed for 53 months. The risk posed by high trait anger was concluded to be independent of other biological risk factors.

The authors concluded that in addition to any adverse personal and social consequences that may accrue from having frequent and intense anger, there may be unfavorable cardiovascular-related outcomes as well.

Anger proneness as a personality trait may place middle-aged men and women at significant risk for Coronary Heart Disease.

Stroke is another problem associated with chronic anger. Everson (1999) stated that after adjusting for biological and environmental risk factors, men who frequently expressed anger outwardly were twice as likely to experience a stroke in the subsequent 8 years than men who were more even-tempered.
This is strong evidence against the old idea of catharsis, that letting your anger out, is healthy.
In fact the holding of anger and anger-control, while not associated with increased stroke risk, was associated with other serious health risks.

Studies conducted in 1994(Eysenck) concluded that there is a cancer prone personality type.
These individuals are characterized by a tendency to suppress emotions such as anger and anxiety. He postulated that the link between anger and cancer is a function of bodily changes that occur after years and years of problematic anger and immune system changes.

Butow (2000) reviewed seven studies examining possible causal factors and the incidence of breast cancer in women. It was concluded that disease, particularly cancer, may well result from failures in expressiveness and/or repressiveness in the expression of anger.

Kune and associates (1991) assessed self-reported anger in 637 new cases of colorectal cancer. They concluded, “colorectal cancer patients have a personality profile which includes the elements of denial, repression of anger, anxiety, and other negative emotions,the avoidance of conflict, and the suppression of reactions that may offend others”.

“ All that we are is the result of what we have thought”


Perhaps this spiritual concept best directs us to a path of taking control of our own health, and in creating joy out of perceived adversity, all by taking personal control over how we choose to think.

Concepts for Contemplation

All events, all experiences,

have as their spiritual purpose

the creating of opportunity.

An opportunity for all us,


to define who we are.

It is what we think of events,

do about them,

be in response to them,

that gives them meaning,

while literally defining who we are

at every level of our being.


Thoughts, Beliefs, Intentions

Creates Informational Fields

Perhaps were memory is stored

Organizing the chemical environment

around the cells

Activating receptors in the cell membrane

Effecting DNA expression

Manifesting physical life as

our health and wellness

Biology of Beliefs - Bruce Lipton Ph.D

If your intrigued, go to energy study and links, check out Brude Lipton's video Biology of Beliefs,and watch the New Science of Stress.

The research supports the spiritual literature of yesterday and compels us to understand that taking charge of our thoughts consciously, may be the most efficient way to effect what energy becomes the literal matter of our bodies tomorrow ....

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