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Sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions

This was a presentation that I did on the topic of how science and spirit where beginning to merge. 

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Harry Oldfield, "Energy Fields Revealed" is a scientist who worked with Kirlian photography and then later developed his own techniques for photographing the energy field arould living organisms.  Be sure to watch the end of the program where he photographs the energy fields around "StoneHedge".    Amasing work with many scientific implications.....  PS- spirtual writings have already discussed the pyramid formations around these very spiritual places on earth.       "Energy Fields revealed"        "The Invisible Universe"      Harry Oldfield at Truthjuice Birmingham 25/09/12

New view on stress demonstrates that Bruce Lipton is correct in his assertion that thought and belief are at the center of illness. This connection is made in many of the spiritual articles featured on my site. Watch this video because it could save your life...

Bruce Lipton
 is a cellular biologist who demonstrates the connection between our thoughts and our health. Visit his web site below for further study. We are amazingly powerful beings.  The problem is, we don't know it....  -  MUST SEE - Bruce Lipton describes how energy effects biology  Link to free video   "Biology of Perception - Psychology of Change"    Dr. Lissa Rankin demonstrates her personal undersatnding of Bruce Lipton's discovery through her experiences as a physician.                                                                

Dr. Emotto is a Japanese scientist who discovered a process that can crystalize water and photograph the result.  What he discovered is that water responds to the vibration of words, music, prayer and intention.  Considering our bodies are 60% water this has tremendous implications and compells each and every one of us to be more thoughtful in our expressions to each other.

For video preview use links below

Sound Vibration and geometry - Not Dr. Emotto's work, but supports that vibration (sound) causes effects.     full version                                                                

Rupert Sheldrake is a facinating biologist who has conducted scientific research demonstrating the ability of living organisms to contribute to a collective consciousness of a species that produces inherited traits in the species,  not from DNA , but from what is termed a "morphogenic field".   In humans this is extremely important research because it suggests that our individual consciousness, contributes to a collective consciousness, that impacts humanity at the level of our inherited traits ,as well as, our potential psychological dispositions. In effect, through our most strongly held thoughts and emotions we all effect each other on the planet.

How to Change your Frequency to Change your Reality    - Christie  Marie Sheldon

Sacred Geometry DNA  Changes 2012 Molecular Atom Consciousness

Power of Subconscious Mind Power Techniques    -

Quantum Physics is coming closer and closer to proving the existance of a universal source of intelligent energy or God.  The Special Revolution Series  discusses the science behind our personal power to manifest and create our own reality. It is facinating, and a must read.  Compliments the work done by cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton, and is very consistent with spiritual literature in the New Era.  What scientists don"t yet realise is that the Quanta that they refer to in the research, is what spiritual seekers call Adamantine Light.  Look it up, you won't be disappointed 


The Twelve Laws of Attraction   -   This literature comes from a self help website called
.  It has been condensed to make it an easy read. The writer speaks eloquently and in language that is simple to understand.  I suggest that you read the material hear and visit the website for many usefull self-help products.


The Essensials Of Jeshua    -  This file contains the writings compiled from
by Veli Martin Keitel, 2013 and represents a condensed version of the channeled teachings of this Master.  Entitled "Guidance to Life Through Your Heart" offers much to the reader in this time of great change on the planet.



Channeled by Joanne (Sacred Scribes)
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